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Opioid Crisis: Still a Political Prop

Nearly three weeks after President Trump declared a public health emergency to address the opioid crisis, the Trump administration has not yet officially made the declaration.

Even more troublesome, the President has not yet nominated a Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, the so-called "drug czar" who plays a critical role in responding to the crisis that has killed an estimated 200,000 Americans since 2000.

Given that President Trump has reportedly proposed effectively eliminating this office and all the funding the office directs towards preventing opioid abuse, it is safe to suggest that Trump's rhetoric is all window dressing and very little substance.

For those who have seen Democracy Through the Looking Glass, this is no surprise. The opioid crisis has primarily been used as a prop for politicians (and the media) to create the appearance that they care about people. No doubt some do. But the passionate rhetoric is matched by a lackadaisical approach that (to say the least) calls into question any real commitment politicians have in addressing this tragedy.

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