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This film project is the sole work of Kevin Bowe, derived from 23 months of field shooting, research and post production. Like most things in life, timing was everything. With a passion for history, politics and communications gadgets -- dabbling in the former and working professionally in the latter -- Kevin pursued a second (or is that third?) career as a video producer 10 years ago.

Kevin is the Executive Producer of Story Crafters, a video production company that specializes in examining broad social issues from the perspective of personal stories. Past projects have focused on Post-Traumatic Stress in returning combat personnel, the opioid epidemic that affects people throughout the U.S., and one woman's pursuit for funding for Alzheimer's research.

He has produced two short documentaries: "Bringing HIstory Home" and "Honoring Ken."

Living only 10 miles from the New Hampshire border, Kevin decided to check out some presidential primary events starting in the Spring of 2015. What began with a 50-part web series called "Stories from the New Hampshire Primary" morphed into his first feature documentary "Democracy Through The Looking Glass: Politics and Media in the Post-Truth Era."

Previous to this, Kevin worked in the cable advertising field during the 1980s -- when cable was cutting-edge -- before co-founding a sales automation software firm in 1994. Since 2004, he has been a communications consultant for non-profits and government agencies.

He has been involved in several political campaigns over the years and served as a campaign staffer for Wesley Clark's 2004 New Hampshire Primary effort.

As far a journalism experience... some of Kevin's best friends are journalists, and in the daze of college, he was the Editor in Chief of the University of Massachusetts Daily Collegian.

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